Zero-hassle,Zero-headache,Zero-downtime,Zero-fraud cryptocurrency payment and conversion solutions™

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Introducing Bitsyte

Bitsyte is a leader in cryptocurrency payment and conversion solutions. Bitsyte is the only solution on the market offering a 0x4 promise.

  • Chargeback

  • Fraud

  • Downtime

  • Hassle

Accept bitcoin on any website, store or mobile app and instantly forward it to one or multiple Addresses

Block Qualified Transactions.


Bitsyte IRM ("push") payments, split, and forwarding services to merchants, enterprises and marketplaces powering acceptance of cryptocurrencies as payment for products and services. Bitsyte supports several cryptocurrencies, tokens, and Bitsyte-issued credit tokens.

  • Mobile app
  • Wallets
  • Botcoins
  • API
  • Payments
  • Conections
  • E-commerce
  • Support


Clients trust us, they believe in the power of the blockchain as well as Bitsyte. Here are some real-time numbers we can share with you to make you feel comfortable to start working with us.

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    Address Request

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    Coins processed

Bitsyte Exclusive Coins

Bitsyte currently supports inbound acceptance, multi-party outbound forwarding and cryptocurrency conversion across 11 major cryptocurrencies.*

Icon Currency Tricker
Keeed EEE
Bitcoin BTC
Bitcoin Cash BCH
Litecoin LTC
Ethereum ETH
Z-Cash ZEC
Icon Currency Tricker
Dash Dash
Cardano ADA
Monero XMR
Stellar XML
Ripple XRP

* ERC token support coming Q4 2020; contact us to add your coin or token



Bitsyte offers a variety of options depending on each business. Whether you are just testing the waters or are a professional, we have the right plan for you. If you don’t want any commintment, you can get starter at:
2% Fee - No Commitment - No strings attached - No monthly fee. Pay as you go.
If you’d like to save money and process larger amounts and don’t like a “per transaction fee” you can select one of our plans:

* Mining fees not included

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